• “My child is here now 7 months and Paris is very happy and is very content here.. I am very happy with the service offered at Superstars”
    April 2016 by Tina Hamilton (Parent)
  • “I feel my son Hassan has benefitted greatly and has learnt new skills since attending the nursery. The staff are very friendly and approachable. I receive daily feedback in regards to my sons day.”
    April 2016 by Hajrah Bibi (Parent)
  • “Jonah has had some difficulties these past few weeks, I feel that the nursey staff have tried their best to support him and help him through. My child been at the nursery 1 year plus”
    Feb 2016 by Naomi Jones (Parent)
  • “Alesha has been at the nursery since Sept 2013 and I am very happy with the service provided by SuperStars to my daughter.”
    Jan 2016 by Shabnam Begum (Parent)
  • “I am very happy that Jushua has improved so much since he started attending the nursery up to now and this is a big difference, my child has been here now around 2 years.”
    Dec 2016 by Suzen Makurudza (Parent)
  • “My Child been at the nursery 1 months and overall I am very happy with the service and my child is now settled well in the nursery.”
    March 2015 by Sophia Aktar (Parent)
  • “My Child started only 6 weeks ago and she is happy in the nursery now, settled well and she enjoys the nursery.”
    March 2015 by Navreet Kaur Aeny (Parent)
  • “I register my child since Sept 2013 and I am very happy with the wettings, good staff and good environment.”
    March 2015 by Sida Yasin (Parent)
  • “My Child loves coming to this nursery the nursery is clean and has a good setting.”
    March 2014 by Beatrice Dark (Parent)
  • “SuperStars Day Nursery I am happy with the nursery environment and its daily, weekly routine they provide for children and my child. It would be nice when the weather get warm the children go out more. At the moment due to the bad weather they are busy in the nursery with their routine.”
    February 2014 by Shabnam Begum (Parent)
  • “Supertstar Day Nursery has friendly staff, the children seem happy and well looked after. There is good management and support and my child is happy at this setting. I have no issue with this nursery and recommend anyone using this nursery for their child.”
    February 2014 by Michelle Bates (Parent)
  • “My son enjoys coming to the nursery.”
    January 2014 by Romana Sanam (Parent)
  • “I am very happy with SuperStars. They provide my child with the best care.”
    January 2014 by Stacey Ann (Parent)

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