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0-3 Years

Your baby is entering the first stage of their pre- school life. At SuperStars Day Nursery we understand that this is an emotional time for you as parents and your baby. You may have lots of apprehensions about leaving your baby with people you don’t really know; you may not want to return to work but have to and feel guilty about leaving your baby or you may want to return to work and still feel guilty about leaving your baby. Your baby needs to adjust to new faces, a new and, probably, bigger and noisier environment. Although only time will tell if the situation is working satisfactorily for you, our aim is to support and reassure you and your baby. You are welcome to ring us as often as you wish during the day to find out how your baby is (the phone number will be in the parent’s pack you are given).

Our Staff Ratio:

  •  Age: 0-2  – 1 Staff: 3 Children
  • Age: 2-3 –   1 Staff: 4 children
  • Age: 3-5  –  1 Staff: 8 children

We have facilities to store expressed breast milk as well as breast feeding your baby here. We also provide formula milk for parents who choose this method of feeding for their baby. In the baby room the official age range is 6 months – 2yrs. However, we feel that children aged between 18 months and 2 yrs may need further challenges so if we and yourselves feel your baby is ready, and providing there are places available, we can move them through to the next group so they may continue to progress and develop.

At SuperStars Day Nursery we respect and encourage babies’ individual routines. We endeavour to find out about your baby’s routine during the settling-in period and follow it as closely as possible here in the nursery to further aid the feeling of familiarity and security for your baby.

Your child will have a particular ‘key carer’.

Throughout all their learning and development we always remember that every baby is an individual and they all develop at a different pace. We would like to emphasise that we build on what you as their main carers provide so please do keep us as fully informed as possible and please don’t hesitate to share any concerns/queries with us and together we can ensure your baby develops into a happy and confident child ready for the next stage in their development. We work towards the revised EYFS guideline.

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3-5 Years

Your child is entering the final stage of their pre- school life. We would like to emphasise that our curriculum is based entirely on individual children’s development, interests and needs. We encourage learning in fun situations not force it in formal sessions.

We display our plans for your child’s learning which you are welcome to read and enquire about and we also value any ideas you may have too. The plans are located on the wall in the pre-school room, which is where this group is based, and you will receive regular parent information sheets to keep you informed of activities your child is currently doing.

SuperStars Day Nursery receives regular inspections by Ofsted to ensure we are maintaining high standards and our latest inspection report is available here for you to read or you can go to www.ofsted.gov.uk and read/download it there.

We keep records on children’s development, which you have access to and are always willing to discuss your child’s progress at times convenient to both parties. We see your knowledge of your child as most important and therefore aim to work in partnership with you so as to ensure your child reaches their fullest possible potential.

At SuperStars Day Nursery there are a lot of opportunities for free play which enable the children to choose what they wish to explore and who to explore it with. Adults are on hand to provide information and assistance as and when required and to extend children’s learning where possible. Children of this age/stage of development learn best in a caring, stimulating but informal environment where they feel in control rather than an adult telling them what to do.

We build on what you as their main carers provide so please do keep us as fully informed and please don’t hesitate to share any concerns/queries with our management and together we can ensure your child will be ready to start making their way into the big wide world.

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